Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pourquoi? Parce que....nous aime COLOR, so what!

Color is a very important part of life. I mean, honestly, Pantone dedicates a whole team to determining “thee ‘it’ color” of each year and season. Aqua, Seagreen, Pansy Pink, Regal Purple, Grey Lavender -- the list goes on of Fun colors to choose from! 

But, Fun colors are not just for your wardrobe anymore! In case you hadn’t noticed....News Flash: They’re also for your hair! 

From Nicki Minaj

to Kelly Osbourne

to Kelis
to that cool girl in your History class, or that fun-loving chick you saw in the grocery store, or, even, 

Dennis Rodman! 
Fun hair colors are what’s happening, and I’ll show you how to rock them!
As someone who used to sport blonde, pink, and purple locks, PLEASE learn from my mistakes, and allow me to assist you in your colorful endeavors! 

First things first, if you have the cajones to get the vibrant color in the first place, then have the cajones to rock it the way it was meant to be rocked! Now, that doesn’t mean go too over the top, but, also, do not try to tone it down too much. 

Once, after trying to look less “out there” for what I perceived as a sophisticated event, I had a former model say to me, “You’ve got fun hair, so have a fun look. Throw on some big earrings, and cool eyeliner!”. I was stunned with both disappointment and excitement, for the advise she’d given had been my everyday look that I had decided to tone down for this specific event. Do not make that mistake of changing yourself completely. Instead, while remaining true to who you are, alter what little is necessary in order to look appropriate for whatever the occasion.

Also, if you’re going to go the colorful hair route, make sure you keep the color on point, and do something to it when you go out. Please do not just leave it matted, or allow the color to look as though it has faded. If you do not have time for the upkeep, do not do it!

Now, let’s get into the knitty-gritty of how to wear your new funky 'do!
It seems like curls, or at least a slight bump, or a cute bun or ponytail are key to rocking your Fun color choice!

* Green dip-dyed ends with small wave-ringlets, aviators, camo jacket

* Show off that color, and throw it in a bun, along with a subtle bright lip (oxymoron, I know), and dark eye makeup

* Tight small ringlets, medium-sized hoops, out-of-the-ordinary lips

* You all want volume, don't you? Business in the front, party in the back! Simple stud earrings, curl hair with flexi-rods and conditioner, take curlers out, then fluff and go!

* Curl the top and fling it back, or put in it a high pony and let it swing!

* A cool loose french braid, free side pieces, and fun eye makeup to match!

* Beach waves, cool shades, black crop top, metallic gold high-waisted shorts, leopard faux fur jacket, knee-high spandex socks, and sky-high platforms! (This girl knows how to do it!)

But, wait! You do not have to travel the color route alone! Grab a friend, and hit the Color Bar at your local beautician!

                                                             ~SimonYoung, the FashionTherapist

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My DIY Striped Maxi Skirt

This post is all about my experience in making a striped high waist maxi skirt!
I was interning at a showroom on 9th St. in Downtown L.A. and included in a Spring 2013 collection was a fab maxi skirt with vertical stripes. Another intern and I really loved it and we decided to try making it since it was simple! We walked down the street during our break and went to visit a handful of stores until we found the perfect black & white striped knit fabric (which was $4 a yard). 

It is black and white (not yellow)

Until now, I had just put away the fabric because I had never sewn knits and the thought of it was intimidating! With the help of my FIDM graduate sister, we both worked on this project, both of us learning as we went along. I am by no means an expert in sewing but I went head in!

First came the cutting.
We did not buy a pattern so I decided to wing it! These were the measurements: length (from waist to floor: 46 in), waist (30 in) and hip (44 in) measurements as well as the approximate length I needed around my knees to walk (35). So I cut a piece of fabric 47 in X 45 in because I need seam allowance. I folded this in half like a hot dog so the width was now 17.5 in (length is still 47 in).
Measuring out widest part

Measuring total length
 After measuring length from top to bottom we cut off the excess fabric with a rotary cutter to make sure the hem would be straight.
Cutting hem
From the top, I went to the fold and measured half the waist (with seam allowance 15.5 in) and marked it. I measured my waist to my hips which was 10 in. so I measured 10 in down the fold then marked the point for the hips at 22.5 in from fold. I did this same process for the bottom. I wanted the hem to be 35 in so I marked 18 in away from the fold.

Closeup of blue marks made on fabric to identify waist, hip and hem measurements

So now I have 3 points on my fabric, i need to connect these and cut. Basically I cut a straight ling between them with a slight curve.

Joining the waist to the hip measurements (fabric was flipped)

Marking hip to hem measurements

I own a Brother SQ-9050, and not a serger so already I knew this project would be difficult because all of my knit clothing was made using a serger. Browsing around a few websites, I read that a zigzag stitch is ideal for knit fabrics because it allows stretch. So I stitched the seams with the zigzag and after trying the skirt on, the fit was great but the seam could easily pull and rip because a zigzag stitch is not strong enough. Therefore, i stitched along the seam again with a regular stitch to reinforce the seams.

Using the zigzag stitch

As for the waist, I just did  a fold and used stitch number 7 which did basically what number 5 did except it added a running stitch. I did not want a waistband so this was the simplest form i could think of.
For the hem, i decided to leave as is for the time being since knits do not ravel. After wearing it out once I will decide if a slit is needed for walking and THEN I will try hemming it with a twin needle which will be another adventure!
Check out my finished product!<3

Skirt looks bumpy on the sides because i had to pull it back since the mannequin  is smaller than my own body! ha!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Leggings here! Leggings there! LEGGINGS EVERYWHERE!

Do you wear jeans everyday? Are tight pants with no space to breath holding you back? Ever have those days when you want to slip into something loose and comfortable, but still CUTE, that you can actually move in? Are you looking to add a more eccentric vibe to your wardrobe? Well, fret no more, honey, because leggings are to the rescue!

Leggings are all the rage right now! They have made drastic progression, and gone from basic black, white, and grey, to shiny nylon leggings in fun, bright colors, and even two-sided leggings. They also have cool ones that are high-waisted if you’re a little modest about that tummy! BUT, now we’ve also been blessed with tons of new cool prints and patterns! Oh, the joy!

So, with all of these leggings in tow, including ones with sheer or mesh panels to ones with suspenders, there's a MULTITUDE to choose from! But, the question is, can you pull off the coolest ones, or should I say, pull on?!

Try some of these ideas:

* Mesh and Floral
If you're bold enough to try these, throw on a pair cute black heels, a black crop top, a silver metallic jacket, and a simple purse that ties it all together!

* Galaxy-Suspenders
These leggings are a statement all on their own, so pair them a simple top and heels, throw a few accessories, and hit the town!

* Two-Sided
You don't have to double-think these double-sided leggings, just complete the ensemble with your favorite black or pink heels, and an asymmetrical metallic top!

* Metallic Silver
If you prefer the simpler things in life, try these with silver heels, a sexy black top, and a staple necklace!

So, go out and grab yourself the perfect pair, slip into them, and TURN heads, if you dare!

                                                                     ~SimonYoung, the FashionTherapist

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIY: How to make your own skater skirt!


As winter is slowly coming to an end here in SoCal, we need to start taking a look at trending skirts! My personal favorite is the skater style skirt, which I am sure you all must be already seeing in stores and on the streets. These skirts are really fun and flirty and in the right color/print it can be perfect for Spring 2013!

ASOS Skater Skirt in Galaxy Print

ASOS Mini Skirt in Texture

I came across instructions on how to make a mini skater style skirt without a pattern which was perfect for me because I do know how to sew but i did not have a skater skirt pattern.

To begin you need:
-1.5 yards of 50" fabric
-fabric scissors
-measuring tape
-9" zipper
-thread matching fabric
-marking pen/marker
-sewing machine

So to start of it is really important you have the right size fabric. The fabric I used measured 50 in. (warp) and if you'd like to make a longer skirt you would need wider fabric.

You need to iron out the fabric to make sure it is even on all sides. The first step is to identify the selvages on the fabric. The selvages on the blue fabric below are the thick black lines on the sides.

Then you need to match up the selvages and fold the fabric in half like a hot dog

Next, you bring the top half down and fold it, still making sure selvages are matched up. You should try getting an even square so cut away the fabric you wont be needing

Now you're ready to start cutting! The red dashes is the length of the circle you'll be cutting out for your waist. It should be the radius of your waist. The length between the cut of your waist and the hem should be the desired length with the hem allowance already included. In order to make an even skirt you need to use your measuring tape to make sure you cut evenly all around.

  Once it is cut out, you will end up with a piece that looks like a huge donut. after this, cut a slit into the fabric long enough for the zipper. Before you put the zipper in, hem the waist. I chose to make a waistband cut out of the same fabric and added lightweight interfacing for support.

After the zipper you need to finish the hem.  What i did was just fold up the hem and stitch. It was difficult because it was a round hem but it was the fastest way i could think of!

This is the finished project. It took me a handful of hours but it takes practice!- R.G.