Sunday, February 24, 2013

Know how to flatter your figure

Know how to flatter your figure

You can use your clothes to flatter your figure.

1. Curvy
one that highlights the upper chest, nips in at the waist, and have volumious bottom.
Curvy : Femminie clothes that enhance the hourglass are always flattering.
      1) Go trim 2) Try it tailored 3) Work the middle 4) Show skin on top or bottom 5)Select solid shades and color-blocking
2. Fuller Figured
A high-waisted silhouette with a hemline that falls just below the knee elongates the figure and shows just the right amount of leg. You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt and  a straight, slightly flippy skirt. The top should not be too blousy, and the bottom should be cut in a slim shape.
 Fuller Figured : consider simplicity subtle sexiness, and a little strueture
    1) Choose close-to-the-body cuts.2) Keep it streamlined 3) Do not draping shapes.4) Pick a basic palette.
3. Boyish
A drees that is more fitted on top but flows at the bottom creates a flattering, more feminie shape, and a bold contrasting print enhances the depth and character of a piece.
  Boyish : The key is to creat womanly curve and definion
 1)Enhance your figure 2) Turn up the volume 3) Play with prints 4) Trick the eye with details
4. Petite
 When picking a skirt with more length make sure it also has a high waist. it will elongate the figure. a formifitting skirt that flares out a bit at the end creates a curvy silhouette.
 Petite: work to elongate and enhance a small frame.
 1) Heed hemlines 2) Keep the waist in focus 3) Stay solid 4) Try lots of texture.
5. Pregnant
a sweet, flirty top works if the fabric falls gently over the belly. In addition, find a blouse that is long enough for full coverage. If you can find jeans made for a pregrant body, make sure that they have a relatively straight leg si they balance any flowy tops you might choose.
  Pregnant : Keeping chic when you are expecting should be a cinch.
 1) An empire waist is a winner 2) Keep the cleavage in check 3) Find easy,breezy pieces 4) Keep in classic.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Print of the Week: ARMY, CAMO, FATIGUE. Call it what you want, but no matter what you call it, you've got to call it HOT!

Army print garments appear to be all the rage right now. We're seeing wearing in it, classmates, and popular fashion bloggers who we'd secretly like to dress more like! Everyone else looks cute when they wear it-- well, for the most part-- but where do they get such great ideas, how could you pull it off?!

Ready to get in touch with your inner military gal, but unsure of which route to take to win the battle? Well, fret not, it's the Fashion Guru to the rescue!

* ARMY SWEATER: You like trendy, but not too trendy-- you like to subtly spice it up!
paired with a bright scarf, jet black jeans, black sneakers with gold studs, a skinny belt, a small burgundy purse, and accessories! (

* CAMO JACKET: You like the sexy tomboy look, you also like to get with heels sometimes!
paired with a retro band t-shirt, jet black jeans, bright sneakers, and a pair of badass shades (
paired with studded denim shorts, a solid bright crop top, and over-the-knee leather heeled boots! (Kaylin Garcia and Joe Budden)

* FATIGUE T-SHIRT: You enjoy the simplicity of life, and don't like trying to hard!
paired with black zig-zag shredded pants, bright sneakers, and fiery red lips ;)! (
paired with a loose long-sleeved creme-ish top, black Dr. Marten's, and indubitable confidence! ( 

* ARMY VEST: You're just going out with your girlfriends, but you still want to look cute; you never know who could be watching ;)!
paired with a black crop top, black leggings, black over-the-knee lace-up boots, a cute bag, and accessories!! (

Are you bold enough to wear two prints?
CAMO jacket paired with black/white vertically striped leggings, a black scarf, a black purse, hot pink lips, gold hoops earrings, a gold watch, and big curly hair! ( 

Are you bold enough to wear bright colors?
CAMO pants with a 3-button side closure right above the hem, paired with captivatingly attention-grabbing, bright heels!! (

~Simone Young

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Emerald. The Pantone color of 2013.

For those of you who don't keep up with fashion news, Pantone came out with Emerald for the color of 2013! This a very rich beatiful color but let's be honest, the only time we really wear it is when on St. Patrick's Day because we don't want to get pinched! So, as a college student with a very tight budget (as im sure most of us have) i didn't go out and buy 10 emerald dresses. Instead, I shopped my own closet first and came across something Emerald...

Above is the close-up of my knit H&M dress i bought a year ago in a thrift store in Burkeley, CA for $7. On the right is the dress, it is very simple and basic which allows for a lot of mixing and matching! I am going to show six different looks you can put together using the same dress
Look 1
Simply putting a colored skinny belt on the waist gives you a retro look. You can wear it with heels to dress it up orflats for a more casual, school-ready look. Belt from Target.

Look 2
Another big trend this upcoming spring is SHEER! I picked up this polka dot sheer tunic at JCP for $10 and i used it to layer over the dress. This is ideal for those that are uncomfortable with wearing color. Cinch with a belt or let it flow and add some accesories! Necklace from Forever 21

Look 3
I am learning to love the idea of wearing dresses over dresses and for the longest time I've been a fan of tutus so i had to put this ultra girly dress on. theres no need to layer a sweater over the dress because the sleeves are long enough. Belt and chain necklace from TJ Maxx. Dress from Forever 21

Look 4 
 For the ultimate cool look I love the motorcycle jacket. I found this denim motorcycle jacket in Wet Seal a few years ago and after so much wear and tear it really looks vintage. Definitely one of my favorite pieces. Spike necklace from Forever 21
Look 5
I am the biggest fan of wearing dresses and skirts together. So many times i like the top of a dress but not the bottom so i will do this to have the best of both worlds. This is my boho look, pair the bright color with a neutral earth tone to balance the colors. Chuncky necklace and braided belt from Forever 21 
Look 6
This is a really put together look. This is perfect for an interview or a day when you just want to dress up. Houndstooth blazer and chain necklace fromTJ Maxx, belt from Target

-Rebeca Garcia